Welcome to Swanson Labs

There is always something interesting going on at Swanson Labs. Until recently, most work was done for other companies and private labelled, often under NDA which didn’t allow us to talk about it (or take credit for it). Starting in May 2012, Swanson Labs will be delivering most of our new products under our own brand.


Meeter is the first mobile app published by Swanson Labs. It’s a nifty little utility that works exactly as advertised. It proves that even simple apps can be beautiful. Please send us email and tell us how you use it and any ideas you may have for improvements.


New Projects
A couple of very useful apps for iOS are in development that will make everyone’s life a little bit easier. We are building these apps because we need them and nobody else has developed them yet.

In addition to great mobile apps, we’ve been busy here at Swanson Labs working on expanding our product line and audience. One of the next major projects is sure to put Swanson Labs on the map in a big way and bring excitement to the gaming community. Being in the works for over a year now, we’re pretty pumped to share the project we’re working on. But not quite yet! We will begin the countdown to product launch very soon, giving small clues along the way as to what this product will be named, what it looks like, and what it does.

Curious? Good. Keep checking back for more information!